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Although popularly considered a single cuisine, Thai cuisine is strongly influenced by the climate and neighboring people, Burma to the northwest, China and Laos to the north, Vietnam and Cambodia to the east and Malaysia to the south of Thailand. Curries such as 'gaeng hang lay' are cooked in rich and creamy coconut milk. This fat gives people warmth in the cool weather of the mountainous region.

We at Salathai specialize in a wide assortment of menus to cater to a clientele that is keen to savor the rich and exciting culinary delights of Thailand. Our chefs have wide experience and had their training in Thailand making it possible to turn out these More
We also deliver within 4 miles.
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Minimum for credit card charge $15.00.
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Featured Dishes
Mango with Sticky Rice
$8.95 Mango with Sticky Rice

Ripe mango served with sticky rice makes a delicious treat that you will absolutely love! In Northern Thailand and Northeastern Thailand, sticky rice is a staple.

Shrimp Salad
$11.95 Shrimp Salad

Grilled shrimp with lemon grass and onion in sour and spicy sauce.
It's perfect for lunch, a light supper or as an appetizer.

Hainam Chicken
$9.50 Hainam Chicken

Steamed rice cooked with ginger, garlic and broth, topped with steamed boneless chicken served with homemade sauce and chicken broth soup.